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The concern of our family oriented restaurant is to provide healthy food that offers an alternative to the traditional American diet. With our see-through kitchen, you can observe how quickly all fresh food is prepared. This is very important to preserve nutrients and delicate flavors.

Thai food is popular for its unique seasonings. We offer many levels of flavors. Choose a level of spiciness that you think you like. Or, take the lowest level, then add more from our condiment tray. Check out some of our popular specialties such as fish, seafood and duck in various sauces, delicious Yum Salads, and Coconut and Tom Yum soups. Our menu also includes noodles (such as Pad Thai) and "Amazing Peanut Sauce", etc. with your choice of meat, tofu and vegetables. We offer dishes, such as some curries, which are specifically more spicy, because of their basic seasonings, and which impart a special "zing". You'll like our service too!
Our levels are: mild, medium, medium hot, hot, and thai hot.

"Thai Bistro is as authentic as you can get. And the service is excellent."-- Eleanor Wilson